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vdirsyncer: preparing for alpha version

2023-12-21 #status-update #vdirsyncer

I’ve been synchronising my calendars with the still-experimental rewrite of vdirsyncer lately. vdirsyncer --sync --daemon has been running for about three days now. The --daemon flag makes it run continuously, synchronising changes every five minutes.

Eventually I want --daemon to monitor for changes and immediately synchronise when changes occur. Until monitoring of storages is actually implemented, it simply syncs every five minutes.

This solves a long standing issue in vdirsyncer: there’s no way to continuously sync in background. Not unless credentials are available in plain-text form or available without user intervention in a similar way.

The results so far have been quite satisfactory. I’ve created multiple events on other devices, and they’ve shown up soon on my desktop. I even have a misconfigured storage that fails every time. Vdirsyncer keeps synchronising everything else just fine.

An alpha release

I still have heavy backups of my calendars and collections. And some more refinement is still required before I can publish an alpha release for others to use. But I’m still happy to have reached this point.

I’ll be winding down for the remainder of this year, but my general roadmap right now is:

The initial alpha release will be in a state where it may lose or corrupt your data. I hope it doesn’t, but the word alpha means exactly this: it’s not a final version.


I have also published v1.0.0 of vparser, the low level parser for icalendar and vcard. I have a few other project for which I’ll use this in future too, including normalising calendar entries and merging contacts.

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