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Introducing Todoman

2015-03-30 #caldav #getting things done #unix

Inspired on memo and khal, todoman is a simple todo manager, (or task manager), designed to take note and keep track of pending tasks, that runs as a cli application on almost any Unix-like system (this includes Linux, BSD and probably other OSs from the Unix family).

Todoman is MIT licensed and saves tasks as icalendar, meaning you can use a CalDav-complaiant too to sync your calendar (for example, vdirsyncer). You can also then sync this to your mobile phone, tablet, or any other device with a CalDav-compliant client.

Todoman has a very simple usage:

todo new
todo edit ID
todo show ID
todo done ID

And images are worth a thousand words:

Screenshot of the main view.
Sample output of running todo.

Exclamation marks indicate urgent (high priority) tasks. All the rest is pretty self-explanatory.

Screenshot of the edition view.
The todo edition screen; sample output of running todo edit 1.

The source code is available at its repository and a github mirror. Go ahead and try it now:

$ curl -L https://git.barrera.io/hobarrera/todoman/repository/archive.tar.gz\?ref\=v1.2.0 -o todoman.tar.gz
$ tar -xzf v1.1.0.tar.gz
$ cd todoman.git/

# python setup.py install

You’ll also need to copy and update the configuration file:

$ mkdir  ~/.config/todoman/
$ cp todoman.conf.sample ~/.config/todoman/todoman.conf
$ vim ~/.config/todoman/todoman.conf

There’s also already a package for ArchLinux.

Feedback is welcome, especially bug reports, which you can email, comment, or open a issue.

Update 2015-03-31

Link above now points to release 1.2.0.

Update 2015-08-30

Todoman has moved to gitlab.com, rather than my own hosted instance. The above links have been updated.

todoman has also been available via PyPI for some time now, so may also be installed running:

pip install todoman
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